Created & Handcrafted with Intention

My name is Amelie and I am a Mom, Creatrix, Nature Lover and Worshipper. 

I handcraft each jewelry item from my own sketch work, pour my candles and blend them with my own hands individually.

Each crafted item I sell has an intention and energy imbibed within it to bring positivity and healing to the individual who finds it and brings it home. I do offer custom orders, feel free to contact me if you need a custom item with particular elements within it.


Bespoke jewelry that gives back!

Know that you make a difference

Twenty-five percent (25%) of each purchase you make goes to fund Fernleaf Sanctuary for Rabbits & Survivors. I custom make each piece by hand and with focused energy, then use a portion of each purchase to help fund a project that provides safety, rehabilitation, and refuge for bunnies and rabbits that are abandoned, abused, or homeless. 

Not only that, but offers some another chance at a lifelong home as well as work promoting and directly advocating with/for Domestic Abuse, PTSD, and Sexual Abuse survivors of all genders and ages.




Bath Teas

All items are made as naturally as possible and with as many locally sourced ingredients that I can access affordably. If you need a specific ingredient list prior to purchasing or have questions, please send an email with the product name.